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Living Intentionally

So here’s the thing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been down the direct sales path…several times. I’ve always been very successful with it, I just had a hard time finding a company I could stand behind that I was truly passionate about.

Since I lost my job in October I’ve had a chance to take a step back and reevaluate my path and my purpose. As each day goes on it becomes clearer and clearer that my focus needs to be at home. But it also becomes clearer that we need two incomes to live comfortably. So I’ve been doing a lot of research for how I can earn an income from home. I’m a very self motivated person so I’ve considered starting my own business, but that takes a lot of money and time that I don’t really have to spare right now. I’ve looked at countless direct sales and mid-level marketing plans. I didn’t want a product that I would have to hard sell because I don’t like to be pushy. I was looking for something that, if *I* saw it scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I would be intrigued, rather than irritated. Something that not everyone and their mother was already doing, and something that I could really rally behind. After months of research and deliberation, I finally found one that got me excited.

The company is called Red Rock Traditions. It is a new business that originated in Kansas, but their sister company is Demdaco, a highly successful home décor and artist inspired line, that I was already very familiar with because I love their “Willow Tree” figurine line.


I was so excited about it because I couldn’t wait to order half of the products myself and I just knew other people would love them too. Red Rock focuses on nurturing our precious time with families. For a lot of people our days get so busy, especially with small children, so they have developed a line of products to make the most of the time we spend together and help to create lifelong memories with our loved ones. Their mission statement is something dear to my heart.


The past few months I’ve thought really hard about how I could get more intentional with my life. Cut out the things that cause me stress and that aren’t serving myself or my family. I thought about what does it mean to live “intentionally”? First of all, I had to determine my purpose, so I considered what was the most important thing in my life right now. The answer came easily, raising my three little girls and my family. So, I asked myself what was I doing to honor that purpose? What values do I want to instill in these 3 little blank slates? What do I want them to remember when they recall their childhood, and as we mold them into young women? I came up with a list…

Love of God                       Humility               Respect

Gratefulness                      Kindness              Love of Self

Humility                              Charity                 Love of Family

And then I asked myself, what am *I* doing to model these behaviors? What am *I* doing to contribute to our family goals? These were hard questions that have been on my heart.  Being home has been such a blessing for myself and my girls but it is weighing on me to see how much my husband has had to work to make up the difference. I knew I had to do something to earn an income and relieve him of some of that burden, and get him home on the weekends and not exhausted at night. I didn’t want my children to see this worn-out version of their Father.

I made this list about a month before I came across Red Rock traditions, so imagine my excitement when I found a company whose mission statement, values and products were all geared towards these very things I’d scrawled in my journal.

Please take a look at their website and some of the products they offer and consider hosting a party for me. I promise you it will be a fun filled, laid back event, where you can learn about ways to incorporate tradition into your family in a way that makes sense for you. I am trying to have at least 6 parties booked over the next 6 weeks. If you can’t do it, please pass me on to someone who you think would love this stuff as much as I do! This stuff makes great gifts and Grandparents love it too. I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to get started!


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