7:35 Post

Last night the baby went to bed at 5:15, I kept waiting for her to wake up but she was out. Finally at 2 AM she was ready to eat and then back down until 5. I’ve been up since then. She is snoozing sweetly. Normally I would be in zombie mode, but this morning I am embracing the day. I love days like this. Get up, somewhat on my own terms and drink my coffee slowly and without interruption. I scroll through my pinterest boards and make mental lists of all the stuff I want to try when I have time. Some days I find it’s best to stay off of Pinterest. It can put me in a bad place when I am already feeling overwhelmed, but not today. Today I am inspired. My planner is up to date, I have lists with the tasks done and checked off and I am feeling unstoppable. You guys, I even did some jumping jacks and squats this morning. Who am I? A little discouraged that I’m not skinny yet, but hey you gotta start somewhere right?

Alright the girls are up and moving so I gotta go get to “Mommin” here’s hoping my day continues on this path, and doesn’t go haywire. Hope you guys have a great one!



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