Being Domestic & The Holidays

So as I am typing this I have a new concoction in the oven, I am attempting to bake a Christmas gift for Lydia’s teacher. Its a cinnamon loaf, and it’s a recipe I’ve never made before. I of course, fully intended to do a trial to make sure it was edible first, but as usual I am down to the wire. Tomorrow is Lyd’s last day before Christmas break starts. I’m sure the other Mom’s have all sorts of awesome Pinteresty things, is it too late to switch my kid into the class with the “mediocre” Mom’s. Ugh.

I have less than a week before Christmas and not one thing is wrapped. The awesome DIY gifts I’ve had planned since June are still not started, let alone finished and ready to go. And of course my dear husband can not fathom this since I am “home all day long”. Sorry sore subject…deep breath, letting it go!

My goal this week was to lower my standards, instead of attempting to keep the house in show room condition, I’ve been trying to keep it livable. In the past I’ve been an all or nothing kind of girl. It’s either spotless or a shit show, there is no in-between. I’m trying to keep telling myself that “Done is better than perfect”. Today I wanted to accomplish 3 things, fold the laundry, do the dishes and try to maintain the main living area so it didn’t look like a bomb went off when Chris came home. I was doing so well! On top of things! I accomplished all 3, and then Ella woke up from her nap, Lydia came home and wanted to do a craft and the house was back to looking like ground zero by the time Chris walked in the door. Now the entire family including the baby, are fast asleep and I’m making a cinnamon loaf.

I just want to know where the time goes, and why it insists on taking my good intentions with it. I start my day with organization and lists but am constantly derailed. I’m looking forward to this weekend when I can enjoy the holidays with my loves, but then try to establish a real routine without the chaos of Christmas. I mean I know New Years is coming up, but who am I kidding, not like we will have a sitter so that is a non-issue. Without  the stress of a million upcoming events and deadlines, it should be easier to accept that this is just the season I am in right now, the season of a less than perfect house and lots of sweet baby smiles.

On a side note, Chris says I am spoiling this baby too much, that I hold her too much and she is going to be overly attached to me, some non-sense. I told him he better accept it because she is my last baby, I am not putting her down until she is at least 7.





One thought on “Being Domestic & The Holidays

  1. “I’m not putting her down until she’s at least 7” lmao. You love on that babe all you want. All three of your children are perfect in their own way. :-* Love you!


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